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Argentina industry calls for anti-dumping investigations on emergency lighting equipment in China

Recently, the economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Argentina in the official press release, China Embassy in Argentina commercial office in August 24th received the Argentina Secretary of state for trade in foreign trade production department deputy secretary of State Department note, notice Alfonso had received a written application for the domestic industry, demand originating in the emergency lighting equipment China the (Western: Aparatos paraIluminaci n de Emergencias) to carry out anti-dumping investigation.

The report pointed out: LED lamp performance improvement stagnation or subsidies

Unified and perfect LED lamp can keep building decoration, without destroying the lamps installed, building decoration light hidden inside, not exposed, no glare, the visual effect is soft and uniform. Energy saving power for the same brightness: ordinary energy-saving lamps 1/2.
The United States Department of energy recently released a new LED Caliper downlight Snapshot report, confirmed last year’s forecast of trend. The report pointed out that although the manufacturers have been improving this type of product quality, but in the past 15 months, the average efficiency only increases 1 lm/W, which indicates that the product performance has been stagnant. In the aspect of investment, the U.S. Department of Energy announced the launch of eleven new research funding, ten of which settled in the “small business innovation research program (SBIR)”, and another in the “small business technology transfer program (STTR)”, the two plan is the key to encourage the progress of the field of solid state lighting.
Downlight performance
Just a year ago, the U.S. Department of energy released a Caliper Snapshot report LED downlight. Unexpectedly, another such report was published so soon this year. But clearly, the U.S. Department of energy concerns is the energy industry has been stagnant gain downlight. In 15 months, troffer energy gain of 7 lm/W, 13 lm/W for industrial lighting, linear lamp for 10 lm/W, 10 lm/W wallwasher, decorative lighting is 5 lm/W, and compared to the same period, only 1 lm/W downlight. In addition, the average efficiency of downlight is 69 lm/W, while the average efficiency of many other products mentioned above are close to or more than 100 lm/W.

What are the trends in the LED industry in the future?

Answer: from the lighting industry as a whole shipments, more than 80% of LED lighting products. From the replacement point of view, penetration is only 20%-30%, three years, the entire industry has not yet reached the bottleneck, the industry will gradually increase the concentration.
Q: what measures does the company have in branding and channel construction?
Answer: at present, the brand promotion in the development of more independent brands, like a good market in Australia last year, nearly half of the business is its own brand, but there are also facing competition and OEM customer problems, however, we still focus on business like self adjustment, so, Oceania business this year has a larger adjustment. This year we conducted a capital U.S. subsidiary, continue to increase the engineering investment channels, because the business development of own brand is smaller than the retail channel difficulty, including us in Germany and France, the new company, is to develop the own brand business. Domestic sales, the future is focused on the establishment of strategic partnerships, real estate developers, large decoration companies, gradually landing projects, expanding residential areas of the channel

Market penetration is only 20%-30%, which for LED lighting enterprises, what exactly does that mean?

With the further progress of urbanization in China, a large number of infrastructure projects and urban lighting projects have directly led to the rapid development of the lighting industry. At the same time, energy saving and environmental protection concept, more and more enterprises residents consumer choice of energy-efficient lighting products as the preferred lighting products, LED lighting and other lighting products rapidly, effectively supporting the overall lighting market size growth.
High tech production Research Institute of LED (GGII) survey data show that in 2016 China LED downstream application market size of 369 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 15.71%, an increase of 2015. Among them, the display, backlight, lighting and other applications accounted for 12%, 11%, 66% and 11% respectively. GGII expects that in 2017, China’s LED downstream application output will reach 445 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 20.4%.
Yankon as the domestic lighting industry, the first national identification technology center, the main business is the development, production and sales of lighting appliances, the main products for green lighting products for general lighting, LED lighting products, including the integration of the electronic energy-saving lamps, T5 fluorescent lamp and matching lamps etc..
Up to now, sunshine lighting has established four bases in Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and Anhui. It has the annual production capacity of 400 million LED light sources and 80 million sets of LED lamps. In the bulb and tube products, some single products have formed a scale.
According to the engineering LED found that access to earnings Yankon 2017 first half operating income of 2 billion 403 million yuan, an increase of 13.01%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 232 million yuan, an increase of 6.71%, the company’s revenue and net profit to maintain steady growth. Among them, LED products revenue 2 billion 128 million yuan, an increase of 22.34%, accounting for 89.41% of revenue, the traditional energy-saving lamp products revenue 252 million yuan, down 30.46%, revenue accounted for 10.59%.
In September 5th, Yankon held the 2017 semi annual results that will be the scene, participants for the general manager Mr. Guan Yong, chief financial officer, Ms. Zhou Yamei, the Secretary of the board of directors Mr. Zhao Fanghua and part of the company’s shareholders and institutional investors.

WORD God, this is the four LED display experience center open together!

As the saying goes, gold, silver nine, ten, LED display market has entered the peak season, strong color sales unprecedented hot, repeated success. At the same time, the LED display center opening experience good news, qianglijucai Market Center Director Huang Zhiyong, director and spokesperson for double – Xie Wenwei and qianglijucai strategic ally, thousands of shop service providers, contractors etc. all friends attended the opening ceremony.
Heilongjiang Jian photoelectric LED display experience center
Jilin Todd Bradley LED display experience center
What visual experience will the LED display experience center bring us this time? Let’s take a look at their style!
Heilongjiang LED display experience center
Heilongjiang Jian Shuo photoelectric LED display experience center is built by the powerful giant color collaboration dealer carefully built another LED display experience center, opening day, the scene filled with warm and festive atmosphere. All friends have come to congratulate, more qianglijucai Market Center Director Huang Zhiyong to the opening gift, so many peers greatly!
All friends come to congratulate
Powerful color Market Center Director Huang Zhiyong sent to the opening ceremony
After the opening ceremony of jubilation, then, let us into the LED display experience center! Let us forget the case wall, let us sigh a riot of colours, the original qianglijucai everywhere, always on your side.
Look into the diamond, vividly filled with the sense of science and technology in the former, like diamonds shine, people yearning, and both sides display setting and surrounding the colorful decoration, people can not help but stop.
In addition, the curved screen, the screen and the cylindrical screen magnificent display, so that customers can feel close LED display brought shocking experience.

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